The EFT-3002 Embryo Freezer sits on top of your existing Semen tank and uses your LN2 to provide the cooling. Once the lower rod is frozen, there is no additional consumption of LN2 from your tank. The freezer can operate using 110v AC or 12v DC. The 12vDC can be attached simultaneously with the 110v to act as a battery backup.

The freezing chamber will accommodate 64 straws in 32 openings. The freezing rate can be adjusted from 0.10C/min to 0.60C/min. Starting temperature is preset at -6.5C and the final temp is -34.90C.

The freezer comes equipped with a 110v power adapter, a 12v car adapter and a 12v battery clip adapter. It also comes with a padded carrying case and a plastic alcohol storage bottle.

The complete unit sells for $3800.00

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Beltron EFT3002 Embryo Freezer Operation


  1. Place the Embryo Freezer into the LN2 tank and attach the power cord. It can be attached to 110v, 220v or 12v. The 110v and 12v can be attached simultaneously as a backup.



  1. Fill the straw chamber with 91-95% alcohol



  1. The freezer will cool automatically to -6.50C.

  2. Set the freezing rate to your desired rate between -0.1 and -0.70C/min. We recommend a constant rate of -0.50C/min’

  3. Once the freezer reaches -6.50C, the prepared embryos can be loaded into the freezer with the straw ID extending above the chamber. 

  4. After 3 minutes equilibration, seed the embryos with the frozen brass rod and place the protective cover over the chamber. 

  5. Let the embryos equilibrate another 2-3 minutes then depress the run button.

  6. The freezer will now begin cooling at the designated rate to a final temperature of -34.90C and hold for an extended period.

  7. The freezer is fully automatic and does not need to be monitored. You can attach a secondary battery back up to the 2nd power input port in areas of unstable electricity. The freezer can also be operated in a vehicle using the 12V power adapter.

  8.  Once the freezer reaches -34.90C, the freezer can be removed from the LN2 tank and placed in the PVC tube in the carrying case. Be sure to disconnect the power source. The alcohol bath will maintain the cold temperature for several minutes with no damage to the embryos.

  9. The embryos can then be transferred to a properly labeled cane that has been submersed in LN2 in the same tank. Be sure to shake the excess alcohol off of the straws prior to plunging in LN2 to prevent the straws from freezing together.

  10. The freezer can now warm up for storage. Once the freezer has warmed up, place the protective cover over the chamber and invert the freezer to pour out the remaining alcohol and storage for reuse.


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