Whitetailed Deer Semen

Rafter D Genetics has a limited supply of Whitetailed deer semen available for sale. The semen was collected from Northern Whitetails and was processed in pellets to maximize post thaw motility. Contact Dr. Clifford Dorn at (979)260-7852 or email at cgdorn@gte.net  for more information.



"Samson" was a 7 yr old whitetailed which scored 251 B&C. He had 24 points with super heavy mass.





"Ace" is a 6 x 6 buck that scored 200" at 6 years of age. He was not from the "Samson" bloodline but had tremendous genetic potential.





"Buckshot" is a son of "Samson". He was a 5 x 5 that scored 171" at 3 yrs of age. He had very heavy mass.    


The semen was collected from these bucks during 1996 and the data reported then was the last available. We do not have additional growth data to report on any of the animals.





"Rocket" was a son of "Samson" out of a B&C doe. He scored 157" at 2 yrs, 187" at 3 yrs and 225" at 4 yrs. He showed the genetic power of the Samson bloodline.







"King" is a "Samson" son and full brother to "Rocket". He scored 185" B&C at 3 1/2 yrs with 7" bases with extremely heavy mass.







"Diesel" was a 5 x 4 scoring 94" B&C as a YEARLING! As a 2 yr old he was a 5 x 5 scoring 150" B&C. At 2 yrs he had an inside spread of 18" showing promise of becoming a trophy buck! "Diesel" is a son of "Rocket" and grandson of "Samson".


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