COVID 19 Update: Our 2021 personalized training programs are up and running. With the one on one training format, we can offer safe training without risk of infection. Please contact us for more details and to schedule your training class.

Embryo Transfer Training
Rafter D Genetics offers a complete Embryo Transfer Training program for livestock breeders and Veterinarians. With 40 years of ET experience and 30 years of teaching experience, Dr. Clifford Dorn offers a practical approach to learning the ET process. The ET training course is a 4 or 5 day program offered on a personalized basis. The course is designed to train 1 student at a time thereby offering the personalized attention needed to understand the process. Multiple students may attend together if they would like to. The course includes embryo collection & transfer manuals and embryo grading training manuals. Rafter D provides all of the equipment to be used in the course. No equipment rental is required. We can also assist the student in the purchase of new and used equipment at a great savings. Classes are offered throughout the year as requested. Three weeks advance notice is needed and a ($500 for U.S. Residents/$1500 for international students)  non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration. The balance is due 1 week before the class starts. Please Note: Training fees are non-refundable within 7 days of the course start.

Bovine ET Registration Fee is $3800.00 US (multiple student discounts available) 2021 pricing


We are also available to travel to your facility to help set up an ET program at your ranch. Foreign training and travel is available. Additional days of training are available upon request.
Learn Embryo Transfer on your own animals and save money!


New and Used Equipment is Available



Whitetailed Deer Semen For Sale



We now offer HeiferPlus and BullPlus for

On-The-Farm semen sexing!

The On-The-Farm Sexing product is also available for Goat and Horse semen! Call us for details.


Rafter D Genetics participated in the 2011 AETA Conference in San Antonio, TX in August. Torey Williams and Dr. Gabriela Flores-Foxworth.


The First Fullblood Bison Calf produced from artificial insemination using frozen semen was done by Rafter D Genetics for Beverly Brown of Lucky B Bison in Bryan, Texas.

Hereford recip with Brahman ET calf.

Hereford Recip with Braford ET Calf

These are the first kids born in Australia from imported embryos from the USA. Produced by Global Genetics & Rafter D Genetics. These are Nigerian Dwarf kids belonging to Michael Garwood. 2014

First Nigerian Dwarf Doe kid born in Australia! The start of Michael Garwood's herd! 2014

Armando Navarrete, 1st ET calf

Tom Cannon, 1st ET calf

Each participant is required to have a basic knowledge of reproduction with experience in artificial insemination and rectal palpation for pregnancy. Upon completion of the course, the student will have all of the information necessary to set up and start an ET program in their own herd.
Course Topics:
* Donor Superovulation
* Estrous Synchronization
 * Embryo Collection & Transfer
* Embryo Handling & Evaluation
* Embryo Freezing
* Hormonal Control of Reproduction
* Recipient Selection & Management
* Materials & Equipment
* Record Keeping
Course offered in English or Spanish!
Training available for Cattle & Horses
Reproductive Ultrasonography Training is available
Registration Fee for Goat & Horses is $4000 (multiple student discounts available)

Complete Training & Equipment Packages 

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Dr. Clifford Dorn with Deepak Bhatia, April 2013

We have trained Veterinarians, Scientists & Ranch Managers from all over the world.   

   See a list of previous students!

First Inner Cell Mass Transfer Calf produced by Dr. Clifford Dorn at Texas A&M University. 1984

Rafter D Genetics has done Embryo Collection trials in the Guar and American Bison.

Red Wagyu Heifer from frozen embryo, Bill Fisher, 2011

Red Wagyu Embryo Calf, Bill Fisher, 2013. Produced by Rafter D Genetics.

Bovine Embryo collection

Goat embryos recovered non-surgically

Steve Gaspar, 1st ET calf

Jeremiah Johnson, 1st ET Bull

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